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4 Gear

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The Long Awaited release of the 4 gear fidget spinner is finally here. please read all of the notes, and review all of the videos in this section before placing your order. if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask before ordering.

The first run of 4 gear spinners will be limited to 100 units. in the past the actual gears used in RGS fidget spinners have been 1117 steel, due to sourcing issues for any other material. the 4 gear fidget spinner will be the first model with 316 STAINLESS STEEL GEARS! After an exhaustive search, we were able to source the raw gear rod to be manufactured just for us out of 316SS. the first raw 12 foot long bars will arrive in 6 weeks. but all of the remaining production for the other parts will be done by the time the gear rod arrives.

pre-order will be open until all 100 units are sold or for 4 weeks, once the pre-order button is removed, they are no longer available, until the next batch. shipping is scheduled to start around June 1st, 2017, it may be sooner but we are being conservative with this estimate. please follow us on social media for real time updates.


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