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Intrinsic Spintech

Regular price $95.00 USD

CNC precision milled aluminum handmade spinner.

Overall dimensions: 2.95" X 1.10" X 0.50" (75 X 28 X 12.7mm)
Width at bearing level: 0.28" (7mm)
Weight with buttons and bearing: 59.53g

Features include:
Set screw for easy disassembly to clean or replace the bearing; never pressed or glued in!
Magnetic buttons
Anodized machined look finish
Serial numbers from A001-A012

Comes with:
Spinner body
Magnetic buttons
VXB full ceramic bearing
Set screw
Black oxide allen wrench
Black velvet carry bag

Buttons will match the color of the spinner unless otherwise noted in the shipping instructions; Colors may slightly vary from photo.


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