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Stealth Spinners

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I'm not rich or snobby enough to ever spend $400,000 on a car, but I can still appreciate the impeccable design and raw power of the Lamborghini Aventador.

It's one of the sexiest cars on the road and we aimed to recreate that sleek, sharp, and mysterious feeling with the Stealth Aventador fidget spinner.

Our timed spins have clocked in at 5-7 minutes for the samples. It weights in at almost 3.5 ounces, for that substantial and solid feeling you won't forget.

If James Bond had a vodka martini in one hand and a spinner in the other, we'd bet money that it would be the Aventador. "Spun, not stirred."

Aventador Fidget Spinner Specifications:

  • Black Gun Metal Finish with Brass
  • Whisper Quiet R188 Bearings
  • 64 mm width
  • 6 mm blade thickness
  • 98 grams of fine brass
  • Speed finger pads with screw threading 

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