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Brass Monkey


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The BRASS MONKEY SPINNER® is a premium hand built fidget spinner at a reasonable price, the multi colour button choice really does make these stand out from the crowd. Bearings are hybrid ceramic RS ProRiders which have a long and smooth spin. UK made and will be willing to ship internationally.
Spinners can be spun using one hand to hold them spun with the other, when you get used to that try one hand spinning and also various tricks!

The product feels great in your hand and the spins generate mesmerizing rotation. It helps with focus, concentration and reduce stress. Hope you enjoy the spinner as much as I do! Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

These spinners are individually sanded and polished and go through rigorous post processing to make it looks awesome and spin well. These are limited in quantity as it does take time to produce So get yours while supplies last.

Please remember these are hand made but are made with care and precision if I don't like it I don't send it 👌🏼

Thank you!! HAPPY SPINNING!!


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