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It's karambit inspired so you can flip it via the rings and also spin it via the central bearing. Think of it sort of like spinning your keys from the key ring. This is not another record breaking spinner with a pricey hybrid bearing. These are a cheap option for the community first, and second they are for highly active fidgeters. I don't really have my need to fidget fixed by just holding something that spins for 3 minutes, not to say that isn't totally awesome, but I need to fidget a little more constantly. So if you're looking for long spin times turn away. If you're looking for something that will seriously get you fidgeting this is it. Spin times are around 5-15 seconds. I really enjoy the much needed influence this design and bearing requires from the user to get going. This version is still very much hand made, by a very small one man shop. Fit and finish may very, spin times may be low, but the function still remains. So does supporting a small up and coming maker :)


All integral design
Smooth inner rings
Hand chamfered edges
Durable materials such as SS, brass, copper, Ti, and aluminum
0.75" diameter holes
Standard 608 skate bearing can accept custom buttons/caps

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