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This kit includes a fully assembled aluminum hub, sleeves, buttons, and weights. The Modulator is the first offering from Ultraspinners. Designed to bring a premium spinner to the world at a price point affordable to all. CNC machined in the USA on American made machines to the finest tolerances and finishes. Incorporating a fully 3d spherical design and bringing a truly modular design to market, the Modulator will have something for everyone. A full line of high grade accessories will be produced to support the modulator and allow endless user customization. The Modulator is based around a fully ceramic 608 bearing which brings excellent and smooth perfomance in every spinner produced. Only the finest materials and craftsmanship are used when producing UltraSpinners products. Pick one up today, outfit it to your liking, and enjoy the focus and tranquility that a quality spinner can bring to your day.


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