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Pepyakka 3.0

Custom Knife Factory

Regular price $210.00 USD

Pepyakka is the spinner hand toy designed by Anton Malyshev.
High-end design, not just a piece of plastic or copper sh.t with bearings in the middle.

We will start producing version 3.0 in the middle of February.

FIRST WAVE of spinners 3.0 will be shipped in late March.Second wave a bit later, and so on, and so on. 100% pre-payment, shipping Worldwide, even to Canada, Australia, Israel! :)

No refunds.
Two-wings spinner.
Radius lenght: 1,2", Diameter: 2.4"
Weight: 2.40oz
Titanium, copper, steel, ceramic+steel bearings, 2 tritium green color inserts. Limited, numbered run (2888 pcs).


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