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Radioactive Isotope .67

Black Hills Precision

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This is a listing for our SECONDS version of the Radioactive Isotope .67 in brass with tumbled aluminum buttons in a cardboard jewelry box. All SECONDS versions are marked with a stamp into the brass near the apex.

What is a SECONDS? A seconds is one that did not meet our quality control exceptions and exists a slight wobble.

Fitted with a high quality hybrid ceramic bearing, it is engineered to provide hours of entertainment. Fitted with a precision hybrid ceramic bearing and aluminum button, the additional weight of the brass makes for extraordinary spin times!

What is a fidget toy/spinner and why should I buy one? People buy fidget toys for multiple reasons, it's like clicking a pen, something you do subconsciously to keep your hands busy. For some they are a time killer, something to play with while sitting at a doctors office, waiting in line, etc. While we at Black Hills Precision LLC do not make any medical claims, others have used fidget toys as a rehabilitation type aid, a way to deal with anxiety, OCD, PTSD, and stress.

The Radioactive Isotope .67 is not actually radioactive, but was named as such due to the design, the .67 comes from the cubic inches of material utilized in the main body of the spinner.


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