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Six Shooter


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OD of spinner: 70mm (2.76 inches)
OD of Button: 22mm (.86 inches)

6-Shooter spinner Features...

*CNC Machined 6061 -T6 Aluminum.
*"Melt" treatment performed on body.
*Satin finish on body.
*High polished finish on button.
*High polished chrome steel balls.
*Bearing is press fit.
*Balls are press fit.
*Bearing bore is machined to a tight tolerance and hand fit to assure bearing race does not distort due to lite pressing.
*Center bearing is a high quality ceramic hybrid for increased spin time.
*Bearing is cleaned and oil free before assembly.
*Thumb button is removable via unscrewing so the bearings can be easily cleaned or replaced.

We manufacture and finish these in our own facility so we can guarantee top quality.

While we do everything we can to give you the best quality product at an affordable price. We can not guarantee spin time as bearing torrence can vary.


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