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Triple Threat

Syner EDC

Regular price $45.00 USD

Birthed by human ingenuity and precision CNC machining, the Triple Threat Spinner proudly bears the marks of its creation. It's raw, it's mean, and it's got curves in all the right places.

Machined and assembled in the United States, every spinner is inspected for flaws and put through a timed table spin before being available for purchase. All Triple Threat Spinners are clocked at >2 minutes of spin time.

  • Body is machined from Aluminum 6061-T6 and comes straight off the machine - no fancy finishes or plating. 
  • Bearing caps/buttons available in brass, raw aluminum, anodized aluminum, or tumbled aluminum. Please select when adding to cart.
  • Yellow Jacket high precision skate bearings come installed. Each bearing is thoroughly cleaned of oil and contaminants before installation to maximize spin times.
  • Bearings are a slip fit into the spinner body and fastened with Loctite. The result is zero compression on the bearing, maintaining perfect integrity of the outer bearing race.

Weight: 54.5g, Outer Diameter 3.00". (1) Spinner includes: spinner body, bearing, 2 (1 set) bearing caps.


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